Early Hibernation for Bears

December 26, 2011

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Richard Kagan

Early Hibernation for Bears

Five straight defeats have put the Chicago Bears (7-8) out of the playoffs.  The Bears lost to Green Bay 35-21 with a makeshift offense that gained 441 yards, and an improved passing game due to Josh McCown, the backup QB, who played well in defeat.  McCown, showed poise, and a pretty good arm, as he battled with the Bears to a 14-10 half-time score.  Then in the 3rd quarter, Green Bay's vaunted offense went to work and Aaron Rodgers threw for 5 TD passes in the game.  It wasn't that the Bears were so bad.  It was that Green Bay was so good.  The Bears huffed and puffed to stay close to Green Bay.  Then the Pack went into overdrive and before you knew it, the score was 28-10 and game over.

Chicago scored a late TD and FG to make the score a bit more respectable.  A 35-10 lead was reduced as the Bears put up 8 points on a TD and 2 point conversion.  Robbie Gould kicked a FG to close out the scoring.  The Packers  (14-1) were a better team.  It's hard to see Jay Cutler on the sidelines.  It is better to heal fully then to rush in there and get hurt again.  It's going to be a tough off-season for Chicago.  They seemed to be playoff bound but suffered two key injuries and then the season fell apart.  Say goodbye, offensive co-ordinator Mike Martz.

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