Knicks scenario: It's Linsanity again

March 28, 2012

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Richard Kagan

Knicks scenario: It's Linsanity again

It now falls to Carmelo Anthony to be the lead scorer for the Knicks as Stoudamire is out for 2-4 weeks with a back injury.  But Melo has a slight groin pull.  What if this injury gets worse with all the wear and tear Melo will now experience as the go to guy for the Knicks.  What, lo and behold, if he is sidelined?  What if Jared Jeffries can play a week.  What if Jeremy Lin is up to full speed in a few days?  Fans, we may be back to Linsanity.  Knicks will have to bring out the old playbook  that brought on the Linsanity back in February. 

Then we will see if this team has what it takes. The city was practically levitating back then.  If Lin can find his groove and work his magic and if Novack and company can make some shots, this city will roaringly rock.


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